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Krosswindz Bio

Krosswindz is one of the pioneers of the Indian Fusion Rock band scene with albums launched as early as 1993.The sound of Krosswindz is an amalgamation of diverse genres such as Rock Pop, Bengali Folk and modern  eastern and western genres like classical,pop and rock as showcased in their innumerable albums.Krosswindz is known for their versatile set list and dynamic live gigs covering popular genres like Rock and Pop along with Bengali folk,Rabindrasangeet,Shyama Sangeet,Nazrul Geeti and self composed songs also KROSSWINDZ are a  Fusion band as well and are a dynamic western bi-lingual Rock band and perform in English & Bengali .They have been enthralling audiences for the last 24 years playing across the globe to sold out concerts.The band has played every nook and corner of the country including The UK,The Netherlands,friendly neighbors The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan,Vietnam,The Philippines and have toured in the USA in 2007 and 2009 covering nearly every major city in the USA on their very successful concert tours.
From 1990 the year of inception of Krosswindz they have  delved into the great heritage of Indian Folk music like Bhatiyali and Baul and at the same time studied non mainstream music like Jazz and Classical.In search of their roots they found many beautiful traditional Folk songs sung in the paddy fields of West Bengal which were re-recorded by Krosswindz and sung adding their signature world music touch,these songs have garnered a huge response nationally and internationally for Krosswindz with their albums fetching awards and concert tours overseas for the band.Krosswindz has toured in the US in 2007 and 2009 covering nearly every major city in the US on their very successful concert tours.The band is in the process of finalizing dates for concert festival tours abroad for the season of 2018/19 along with promoting their latest RADIO MIRCHI Award 2016 winning full length album KROSSWIDZ Jhora Palok
We are so happy Chandrani lead singer of Krosswindz won the Filmfare Award for Best Playback Singer( Female) song ~ Tomake Bujhina Priyo 🙂 film #ProjapotiBiscuit NOW WATCH THE CEREMONY HERE-
KROSSWINDZ is widely known as a champion for environmental causes and have actively participated and promoted movements for the conservation of the environment and have launched the famous CD KROSSWINDZ ONE WORLD which has gone on to be heard all over the world.Roger Holdsworth of PBS Australia FM Radio has repeatedly played ONE WORLD on his famous radio show in Melbourne.The album was an outpouring of feelings expressed by the band expressing concerns about the great deforestation and other issues linked to it.The album went to number one on the Music World charts and even displaced international stars like Ricky Martin from the number one slot.The issue of environment truly struck a chord with all music lovers and remains a fan favorite.
The latest album is titled "Jhora Palok" and its a bouquet of originals.The sound of the album is Rock Fusion and they have also experimented with Electronica and Drum and Bass.Krosswindz are also honoured to be working with Hungama(Artist Aloud) for the first time and the songs will be available globally via all the Digital download stores as well as conventional stores.Apart from this KROSSWINDZ has also recently launched English language music CD's namely One World,Singles and India Rocks.
For live shows Krosswindz perform their own composed  songs as well as popular songs in English of the Classic Rock Idiom like Pink Floyd,U2,The Cranberries,Nirvana,Deep Purple etc and some Classical fusion in our repertoire , and some golden hits from the 60's from the popular western English Rock and Pop songs.
Their main contact person is Vikramjit Banerjee Tuki 91 9830156148

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The mellifluous voice of Chandrani Banerjee has adorned many albums and won her many admirers from around the world. There's something incredibly endearing about Chandrani's songs a strange combination of vulnerability and unassuming melodies that work very well together.A Grassroot Grammy Nomminnee -nominated for Best Song and Best Album in Nashville TN(USA).Chandrani was awarded LBF Visionary award of Excellence  2009. Chandrani has established herself as a pioneer in the Indian music scenario as the first Indian female Singer Songwriter to make it to the charts. Fluent in a vast array of genres Chandrani has covered Jazz, Folk, Blues, Country, Classic Rock, to ethnic Bengali folk and contemporary Indian music. Maintaining a fine balance between her
Western music knowledge and Ethnic music experiments she is forgoing ahead in search of new horizons.


If there ever was a person totally addicted and immensely passionate about his work then it would be none other than Tuki. His life has been a living example of dedication, honesty and integrity to his art form that is music. Inspired flights of melodic guitar solos to delicately arrpegiated chords or wildly screaming harmonics are all bread and butter for him. A total master of his instrument, playing since the tender age of four, he has studied nearly all forms of music and is currently mastering the DOTARA an Indian fretless 4 stringed instrument. Composing songs like "Silences" and "Too Tired To Talk" being examples of the poet hidden within him. There are innumerable songs within him just bursting out to be recorded and shared with the world. He spends most of his time in his own home studio where he
experiments and puts down his ideas as finished compositions. Equally adept at computer music sequencing he is a clever programmer and often programs pieces of music to form the foundation for experiments on new compositions. Like a star dancing on the horizon, just to light up that spark in your mind and open the gates of that dam that lets out inspiration that is TUKI.


Ratanjit  has been passionately devoted to music since childhood. From an early age he studied all forms of music with attention to every detail of nuances and tonal coloration of each genre. He is a texture man and has added a beautiful color and depth to the Krosswindz sound with his subtle touches and inspired playing. Gifted with a very sharp ear he can change styles at the drop of a coin and each show is a great eclectic journey. You never know where each jam is going to go. 

Dominic - BASS  from ripon streeti is a rock solid bassist who is equally versatile as a six string Bassist

TUSHAR - DRUMS the youngest member and a very sensitive and dynamic musician,the backbone of the band

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