Monday, June 10, 2013

Interview-A small Chit chat with the Trial Room boys,do check it people

A small Chit chat with the Trial Room boys,do check it people :)

A small Chit chat with our all time favorite Vikramjit Banerjee ( Tuki Da)
Trialroom :-We all know you are performing for POV , with the guitarist of Guns and Roses- Ron Bumblefoot Thal this 15th at Nazrul Mancha , can you share your experience when you came to know about this ?
Vikramjit tuki banerjee :- My reaction was of disbelief that someone of this stature will be touring in Kolkata,i think he is a living legend and i really admire his guitar playing .
Trialroom :- Is Guitar your life ? Or you play it for passion ?
Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-Guitar is one among many passions but it definitely is the number one passion, music is my life though i enjoy other facets of the music biz like managing my band, doing my own solo projects and latest being my Movie soundtrack projects also i plan to write a book someday and maybe publish/exhibit some of my drawings sketches etc
Trialroom :- Some role models who influence you the most and why ?
Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-Biggest role model is obviously Eric Johnson have a blog about it here-
Trialroom :- What were the thing you initially did when you were new in the industry to start your career ? Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-i would play everywhere and i mean really everywhere i even played for a wedding inside a slum for rupees 50 !!! and i had a lot of music related hobbies-i love collecting vinyl records(gramaphone lp's) and i would scour free school street for them and when i listen to them nowadays i realize how much i learned from them coz it is a very deep personal experience unlike listening to an mp3 or a youtube video,one can really get in very deep and personal with the music and it almost feels like the artist is in the room, also i would buy guitar player magazines and read interviews of all the star musicians and take their tips that really helped me a lot. But the best thing was going to watch international and outstation bands touring at OAT now called nazrul manch, then it used to be an open air theatre just wonderful saw many great gigs there and learnt loads by watching the musicians...
Trialroom :- Say something about the Festival , organized by E365 media solutions ?
Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-Kinjal and gang are like an extended family to me and Krosswindz i know him from when he was absolutely new to the scene and remember doing small gigs and helping him out,it really makes me proud to see the strides he has taken in his career and i wish him and his team all the very best, I think they are the most dynamic event outfit in town...
 Trialroom :- Is it a dream to be part of Point Of View ( POV ) , or it was quite expected for you ?
Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-Chiradeep Lahiri the drummer of POV is actually a childhood friend of mine, i know him since 1989,we had a band together called Chlorophyll Dreams and later on he joined as the drummer for KROSSWINDZ when our original Drummer Clayton moved to USA. So its like you know we have been in touch over the years and he had this thing happening and it was a natural choice for him and POV to ask me and I am obliged to be on board coz he is a friend first and i do like his band they are great and the icing on the cake is Ron joining in
Trialroom :- What would you like to say to the people out here in kolkata , a message for The Festival ? Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-My message to the people of Kolkata is you better look out coz thunder never strikes the same place twice and its going to be thunder on 15th and its going to be very special so better not miss out, we gun slingers are going to be going full guns blazing so better watch out ,on a more serious note i would request all music enthusiasts to support this event so it paves the way for more international acts to visit, we should send out a positive signal to everyone watching that KOL is a big rock n roll venue and you can count on us for being the real mecca of music..
Trialroom :- Somelines for Trialroom !! Vikramjit tuki banerjee :-I wish everyone at Trialroom all the very best i hope this leads to bigger things for you and hopefully your publishing will get to the hardcopy stage sooner than later, until then keep it flowing and stay inspired ...
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