Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thoughts on the Boss GT100 Guitar Effects Processor/Preamp

I have been noodling around with my new toy the BOSS GT100 !!! It sure is a sonic beast,loving the user interface,very intuitive dual screen interface with knobs that control the parameters that show up on the screens,the on-board Octa fuzz and Guvnor(Marshall pedal) is the bomb and am getting some down and dirty tones already :) But i think it excels the most at the clean and chimey Chorus tones that i actually bought it for :) 
A fan asked- what are the type of problems that may come to haunt an aged prosessor(say a boss),my answer-  an aged processor can develop several problems as you rightly mentioned low battery status- that is one of the most common problems in digital gear,secondly the LCD display starts acting funny and sometimes goes dim,my old BOSS GT5 display even shuts off completely and thats when i have to change patches blindly without seeing the patch name on the screen !!! My BOSS GT5 was purchased in 1999-you do the math on that !!! I guess its outlived its brethren many folds... hahahaha.Thank you for appreciating the tones on my GT5-they have been painstakingly crafted over many years and i am happy to inform you that 90 percent of that programming can be ported over to the GT100 albeit manually because i doubt a midi bulk dump would work as the electronic architecture is pretty different on both the units.
i will keep you all posted on my progress on the GT100 which is a really deep unit with loads of programming options-it has a software layout like the Fractal audio axe fx2 with dual parallel paths and the ability to patch in pedals/ single units too,i really liked the additional feature of usb recording that is surely a bonus and the looper is super handy !!! the new lazer effect is fun it should stun a few of the folk in live gigs but i doubt it could be used in a conventional song.A great unit all round with solid BOSS tone and it recreates my sonic imprint-that is the most important bit for me !!!

an example of how the Boss GT100 sounds live with a Gibson ES335-

Follow up on the GT100- the amp models are way better than the Line 6 HD this time, in fact i tried the HD and was shocked at what their fender and jc amps sounded like and the marshalls on the HD were just horrendous-Absolutely unusable,the BOSS is way way ahead and the HD is no comparison imho,all the tones on the Boss are usable and the amount of deep editing it offers for pro musicians like me is just heavenly,and most importantly it lets the individual style of a musician shine through without any generic filtering that the line 6 stuff does,Tuki sounds like Tuki through BOSS !!!

some more textures-

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