Saturday, June 9, 2018

How to incorporate your Bluetooth boom boxes with Fuzzes distortion

I have been sharing some tips and tricks on here for a few years now,if u missed out stay tuned for goes tip #14 how to incorporate your Bluetooth boom boxes with Fuzzes distortion and other cheaper multi effex boxes into your practice setup-if you have a little spare cash you can pick up the wonderful Joyo ja 03 guitar headphone amp or the more expensive Palmer pdi 09 DI box.what these do is take ur fizzy pedals and add a speaker emulation circuit to it.then when u plug ur junk gadgets into these gizmos ur tone comes out fat and juicy and sound great on the output of the speaker emulation gizmo.

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I use the Hopestar Bluetooth speaker unit with a mini jack aux cable and connect it to my Joyo stomp boxes and wail away whole day.its convenient as it lasts six hours and requires no adapter/power supply and it doubles as a usb pen drive music player when required.its been such a great investment,I really dig my practice sessions nowadays with this small portable rig.

Joyo makes a clone of the Palmer too will post the model number in a tad.if you are like me and have a stash of old stomp boxes laying around this sure adds a new lease of life to ur pedals that u gave up for dead.
The other route is to plug ur junk pedals into your computer soundcard and with a good asio driver enable low latency on ur card settings and fire up ur favourite daw select ik multimedia amplitude as ur plugin or the two notes free speaker app and make sure only speaker simulation is enabled no amp you have a virtual rig that gives you great sound in spite of the junk pedals you are using to send sound....

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