Saturday, June 9, 2018

Question from Anirban Khastagir about noise in electric guitars and pickups

Question from Anirban Khastagir - Am playing fender jazz bass but am facing a earthing noise whenever am sharpen up ma tone...can't get rid of it..A friend is suggesting me to use NS2 ..but am confused if that reduce the quality of the model is highway one usa..and i kno that you r the only person in this city who can provide me the ri8 dcsn 2 helpless...plz guide me sir....dwiyt sir is not there ne more...plz sir help me out to reach the finest you a lot sir....

Answer- Thank you Anirban for ur question,earthing noise is a very common issue with single coil pickups and can be handled in a couple of ways.Firstly i would recommend you try to sheild the pickup cavity with tin foil,you can get this foil at another option is to check if the inner circuit is properly soldered and check for dry solders if any,an experienced electrician will be able to check for this,lastly try active electronics or the Lace sensor noiseless pickups,lots of brands are making noiseless pickups nowadays including fender,try all options and get back to me.never settle for a noise gate as it kills your tone.
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