Saturday, June 9, 2018

Inexpensive to amplify an acoustic guitar

A fan on here posted a nice and valid question to me,he wanted to know what inexpensive amps are available to amplify an acoustic answer was that there was the Roland KC series and laney along with all other leading amp manufacturers all make an acoustic model,but the problem is all of these are pretty expensive and mostly in the 20 k bracket so- i suggested Another thing you can go for is a good high power home stereo system,the concept is that you need a woofer and a tweeter which guitar amps dont have hence a nice stereo by Sonodyne or Sony or Akai etc will sound great with acoustic guitar,i use a Sonodyne SC 2060 stereo for my home acoustic rig sometimes ,it sounds killer, and nowadays the M Audio studio monitors are going pretty cheap too so with a simple Y cable you could plug in to a pair of powered studio monitors and get gorgeous tone.the concept is i repeat you need a two way speaker system that has a high frequency tweeter and a low frequency woofer unlike the full range speakers in your conventional guitar amps coz acoustic guitars have a very broad freq response requiring the highest highs and lowest go and put those boom boxes and junky stereos to good use people 

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