Saturday, June 9, 2018

How to refurbish and recycle an acoustic to have a new life as a jazz guitar

Tip #102 presumably ;) if you have an old unused acoustic guitar lying around it can be refurbished and recycled to have a new life as a jazz guitar for you to bust out some Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery licks...

All you have to do is shove a bucket load of glass wool or packing foam/thermocol into the body via the soundhole so it becomes dead sounding making it less prone to feedback and then take a wooden slab and cover up the sound hole to give it an electric guitar kinda look also the wooden slab works great for the pickup cavity.

i had a spare mighty mite pickup laying around that I promptly screwed onto my specimen which is a Signature (gogo) acoustic guitar from Kalighat.i then made two holes for the volume and tone controls,there was already a side output jack which gogo had installed from the word go for the cheap on-board transducer,it was recommissioned for the electric guitar pickup output socket,next I sanded off the black paint job revealing a classy jazz box wooden all I got to do is brush up my Joe Pass and Benson licks and I'll be on my way to jazz stardom ;)  Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

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